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Alain Gayrel, vineyards
the story of a passion...

Moine Citation

Like all passion, she was born of chance which led in 1975 Alain Gayrel to return to the family estate of 9 hectares, only Jean-Antoine Vigné Lourac, no successor ans last daughter of an unbroken line of wine growers for more than three centuries, yielded in 1906 to his nephew, his grandfather.

After multiple searches and trial and error started in 1983, the first white man to exclusive basis of Mauzac was marketed in 1989.

In 1992, Alain Gayrel finally realized the Red of her dreams, and in 1994, he finished his trilogy by a soft white in the same spirit of originality and typicality as a wine of guard for enthusiasts like him.

In 1997 he bought the last Cooperative Winery in the center of Gaillac, then in bankruptcy, to vinify and store wines for which he masters the oenological process.

In 1999 Alain Gayrel began buying grapes from local producers whose quality is controlled, with, at the same time acquiring new vineyards.

Today the vineyards Gayrel there are almost 240 hectares of vineyards and a wine equivalent to 700 hectares for an annual production of 1 million and a half bottles.

The production control and Gayrel Vignobbles oenological processes allow since yesterday and until today to search, control and ensure the quality wines.

Alain Gayrel

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