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Vigné Lourac

The vineyards Gayrel is :

A guarantee of quality under the signature Alain Gayrel, a transversal identity that unites our range of wines of Occitania. The monastic seal of Raymondis Abbatis Gallaci (Raymond, Abbot of Gaillac) dating from the 15th century is closely tied to this signature that says our anchor in the historic cradle of the Languedoc.

250 hectares of vineyards spread over 4 well differentiated areas and all located in the Tarn, heart of Occitania: vine-Lourac, the Meritz, Larroze, and organic: Olivier Tower

A winery that buys and vinifying the grapes of 450 hectares of vines in the Vintners partners.

A packaging and logistics centre where are implemented the technical and human resources, allowing the consolidation on a single shipment of a range of wines from Occitania and the South of the France, provided by winemakers partners.

A sales team and marketing, constantly listen to the expectations of the market.

Continued growth in the wine level, at the technical level of winemaking and packaging as well as commercially, in which export has become the axis of major and priority development.

" Today, Les Vignobles Gayrel operate on most of the names of the south of the France. "

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